Who are we?

Bright Blue Foods Limited is a leading manufacturer of retailer own brand and licensed brand cakes and pastries in the Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

We are passionate about our products, and have the operational capabilities to make an extensive range, including; mince pies, mini rolls, swiss rolls, slab cakes, jam tarts, fruit pies, biscotti, celebration cakes, cupcakes, fairy cakes and fruit cake. Around 1 in 12 cakes sold in the UK are made by us.

We employ over 1000 staff across 4 factory sites and we pride ourselves on having a truly diverse and well integrated workforce. We aim to provide a positive working environment and are an equal opportunities employer.

Last year we made:

158 million fairy cakes - if these were lined up side by side it would reach a distance of 60000 miles….the same distance as the UK to Hong Kong!

198000 tray bakes - this is enough square meters enough to cover every football pitch in all UK Football Leagues (all 392 of them) …... 4 times over! This would also weigh the same as 15 double decker buses.

Over 48 million mince pies— if these were stacked up this would be over 3.6 million metres high …the same distance to the top of mount Everest and back 204 times

1.2 million chocolate rolls every week; side by side this would stretch from London to New York!

Fairy Cakes Manufacturers

Who do we supply?

We have a wide customer base, including the following prominent UK retailers

Supply to Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer, Lidl, Morrisons, Aldi, Iceland and Booker


Head Office - Blackburn

Before the current Blackburn bakery moved to its current location in Shadsworth Business Park, it was located on Crossfield Street in Blackburn. The bakery is a 5574m facility based on a 2.25 acre plot. The site produces mini rolls, fruit pies, mince pies and Swiss rolls.

Blackburn is also the home of our head office functions including NPD, HR, H&S, Technical and Finance.

Blackburn Bakery

Shadsworth Bakery - Blackburn

Located across the road from the ‘Blackburn’ site, Shadsworth bakery is a 1394m facility based on a 0.9 acre plot that produces unit cakes, slab cakes, Bakewell tarts, fruit and mince pies

Shadsworth Bakery

Bradford Bakery - Bradford

The Bradford bakery was previous called Yorkshire Cottage Bakery and is based at City Road, close to the centre of Bradford. The bakery is a 3242m facility on a 1.42 acre plot and produces fairy cakes, cupcakes, tray bakes and loaf cakes.

Bradford Bakery

Cukiernia Mistrza Jana (CMJ) - Poland

Cukiernia Mistrza Jana (CMJ), our bakery in Szczecin, Poland is an 8000m facility that makes pies, tarts, jam tarts, swiss rolls & mini rolls. There is also a centre for decorated cake that was set up in 2013 to produce decorated celebration and Christmas cakes.

Cukiernia Mistrza Jana Bakery


Here at Bright Blue Foods, we have a set of core values that incapsulate the way in which we work together, to achieve success for the business and create a positive working environment.


bullet pointWe are one team, always respectful of our colleagues

bullet pointWe will treat each other with dignity and respect

bullet pointWe will always be open and honest

bullet pointOur people are important and their opinions are valued

bullet pointWe will behave with integrity in everything we do


bullet pointWe own issues, find solutions and deliver on our commitments

bullet pointAs a team we have a responsibility to support each other

bullet pointWe will empower people to seek solutions and make timely, effective decisions

bullet pointWe will continuously improve in everything we do

bullet pointWe will take responsibility for our actions


bullet pointWe strive for excellence in everything we do

bullet pointWe will support and develop our people

bullet pointWe will invest in the best processes and systems

bullet pointWe will deliver excellent quality and service

bullet pointWe will achieve great results for our stakeholders

It's how we work together


Head Office

Bright Blue Foods
Sett End Road

Tel: 01254 277700

E-Mail: info@brightbluefoods.com